pg_statsinfo 1.2

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First, build pg_statsinfo. Required PostgreSQL source or PostgreSQL RPM. please confirm whether the following opration is finished.

Build by using PostgreSQL source

Unpacking pg_statsinfo-*.tar.gz and move pg_statsinfo-* directory into $PGSRC/contrib. ($PGSRC is top directory of Postgresql source tree.)
$ tar zxvf pg_statsinfp-*.tar.gz -C $PGSRC/contrib
DO "make && make install" in target_db and stats_info directory.
$ cd $PGSRC/contrib/pg_statsinfo-*/target_db
$ make && make install
$ cd $PGSRC/contrib/pg_statsinfo-*/stats_info
$ make && make install

Build by using PostgreSQL RPM

Unpacking pg_statsinfo-*.tar.gz.
$ tar zxvf pg_statsinfo-*.tar.gz -C /some/where/
DO "make && make install" with "USER_PGXS=1" in target_db and stats_info directory.
$ cd $PGSRC/contrib/pg_statsinfo-*/target_db
$ make USER_PGXS=1 && make USER_PGXS=1 install
$ cd $PGSRC/contrib/pg_statsinfo-*/stats_info
$ make USER_PGXS=1 && make USER_PGXS=1 install

Set path

Set $PATH to target_db/pg_get_logfillter and reporter/ In addition, please put and to same directory. Following expample is a case we put pg_get_logfillter to $LOGFILTER and put reporter-files to $REPORT.
## In case of built with PostgreSQL source
$ cp $PGSRC/contrib/pg_statsinfo-*/target_db/pg_get_logfilterinfo $LOGFILTER
$ cp $PGSRC/contrib/pg_statsinfo-*/reporter/* $REPORT
## In case of built with PostgreSQL RPM
$ cp /some/where/pg_statsinfo-*/target_db/pg_get_logfilterinfo $LOGFILTER
$ cp /some/where/pg_statsinfo-*/reporter/* $PGREPORT

Create snapshot DB and set up

Create DB for storing snapshot and register some functions.
$ createdb stats
Register dblink, pgcrypto, stats_info modules on Snapshot DB. ($PGHOME is a instll-prefix directory)
$ psql -f $PGHOME/share/contrib/dblink.sql -d stats
$ psql -f $PGHOME/share/contrib/pgcrypto.sql -d stats
$ psql -f $PGHOME/share/contrib/stats_info.sql -d stats

Set up for Target DB

Register adminpack, target_db modlues on Traget DB.In case of using ver1.1, pg_stat_statements also have to be installed.
$ psql -f $PGHOME/share/contrib/adminpack.sql -d target
$ psql -f $PGHOME/share/contrib/target_db.sql -d target
(If PostgreSQL8.4 is used, do following)
$ psql -f $PGHOME/share/contrib/pg_stat_statements.sql -d target

Set postgresql.conf

Edit following parameters in postgresql.conf or you can not get a part of information about checkpoint and autovacuum.

Set log filter

Set log filter and start (or restart) PostgreSQL as following.
$ pg_ctl -D $PGDATA start | pg_get_logfilter --postgres-datadir=$PGDATA &

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