Welcome to the pg_statsinfo Project Home page

pg_statsinfo is a utility that monitor statistics and the activity of PostgreSQL(and OS). pg_statsinfo gets some statistics information as snapshot. We can check the DB activity and bottleneck analysis by using these snapshot information. This utility provides some function to get the information acquisition easily.

The pg_statsinfo project is a PostgreSQL Community project that is a part of the pgFoundry.

The pgFoundry page for the project is at http://pgfoundry.org/projects/pgstatsinfo, where you can find downloads, documentation, bug reports, mailing lists, and a whole lot more.



2013-10-25 : pg_statsinfo-2.5.0 is released. It can work in PG 9.3 and add more useful feature! Smaple report file is here.
2013-10-25 : pg_stats_reporter-2.0.0 is released. Add many reports items and report graphic is more powerful! Sample report file is here.
2013-01-29 : pg_statsinfo-2.4.0 is released. Changing point from 2.3.x, are supporting for PG9.2 and collect new statistics(WAL, OS resource and road avarage etc.) Smaple report file is here.
2013-01-29 : pg_stats_reporter-1.0.0 is released. This is a graphical report tool for PostgreSQL and a succession of pg_reporter. Sample report file is here.
2013-01-29 : pg_reporter-2.0.1 is released. Fix some bugs.
2012-04-23 : pg_statsinfo-2.3.0 is released. Decrease snapshot data size and fix code for more reliable.
2012-04-23 : pg_reporter-2.0.0 is released.
2012-02-09 : pg_statsinfo-2.2.0 is released. Add making report command and fix some bugs.
2011-12-01 : Add Q&A contents in pg_statsinfo 2.1 document.
2011-07-01 : pg_statsinfo-2.1.0 is released.
2011-04-19 : Homepage is renewed.
2010-12-6 : There is a packaging mistake for RPMs of pg_statsinfo-2.0.1-1 and pg_reporter1.0.1-1 (only pg90.rhel5)
Some commands may be error because wrong install paths are specified in these RPMs. Please use pg_statsinfo-2.0.1-2 and pg_reporter1.0.1-2.
2010-11-24 : pg_statsinfo-2.0.1 and pg_reporter-1.0.1 are released. This release contains RPMs for PostgreSQL 9.0.
- In pg_statsinfo-2.0.1, fix the bug to retrive a wrong version from monitoring PostgreSQL.
- In pg_reporter-1.0.1, fix the bug with interactive authentication handling.
2010-06-14 : pg_statsinfo-2.0.0 and pg_reporter-1.0.0 is released.
2010-03-16 : pg_statsinfo-1.2.0 32bit RPM released.
The latest releases of pg_statsinfo v1 are:


There are two versions in pg_statsinfo, v1 and v2. v2 is recommended version. They are developed for the same purpose, but there are difference in usage and no compatibilities. Sample report file is here.

Pg_stats_reporter is a graphical report tool for PostgreSQL and a succession of pg_areporter. This tool uses jQueryUI and other visual javascript library. We can easy to make beautiful reports for PostgreSQL by pg_stats_reporter. Sample report file is here.

pg_reporter is a graphical report tool for PostgreSQL. It has templates for pg_statsinfo 2.0, but you also add another template to make a report for PostgreSQL databases. You can easily write a new template with HTML and SQL.